Recovery Essentials

Prepping for recovery is nearly as important as preparing for surgery. It is definitely more fun! In addition to filling up my Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime queues, I've been stocking up on lots of little things to keep me happy and distracted. 

Saying Goodbye

Janaury is a month of goodbyes for me.

I started by saying goodbye to most of my hair. This was actually a bit over due. Every few years, I get tired of the expense and effort of long curly hair and revert to a bob. Saying goodbye to 6 inches of hair also means saying goodbye to braids and ponytails and hair tossing.

I'd be upset, but I also just gained an extra 5 hours a week to do anything but maintain my mane. 

Now the timing of this first goodbye is directly related to the other goodbyes I'm saying this month. They say these things come in threes...

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On The American Dream

Listening to election returns I got fired up by the discussion of “independent poll” results reporting that 40 some odd percent of Americans (with landline phones, don't get me started) no longer believe in the American Dream.


Fellow Americans: The dream is still right there waiting for you to achieve it!


The American Dream is not a birthright, it's an opportunity. Attaining it requires the same ingenuity and tenacity shown by the earliest of immigrants to this land.


If you want a better life than your parents you have to work harder and smarter than they did. The opportunities for education & advancement are abundant and ripe for the taking, but they will not fall in your lap. You have to stand up, reach out and stake your claim on them.