One Last Bridge to Cross

It's been three years since I received my BRCA2+ diagnosis, two and a half years since I said goodbye to Bertha and Helga, and T-21 days until I kick my lady balls to the curb. That's right, I said

L A D Y    B A L L S.

In addition to an increased risk of breast cancer, BRCA mutation carriers are also at increased risk of ovarian cancer.

I've always known I'd take preventative action, but accepted early on in this journey that there was a mountain of emotional work I needed to do first.  I gave myself a simple test to determine when I was prepared to take action. Without hesitation, without tears, I needed to be able to say,

I'm having a hysterectomy, because I choose a life without cancer.

I needed to be in a place where I could focus on what I was gaining. At 37, giving up on having natural children was front of mind. The two ideas balanced out over the next couple years, but it really took turning 40 for me to be prepared to take this step - Hello menopause!

So I have 3 weeks to prepare. I'll have my last coffee tonight, and slowly ween myself off sugar, dairy, gluten, and alcohol over the next 18 days. I've learned pain management and recovery goes best for me when my system doesn't have unnecessary stimulants or irritants. 

This go around, I'll also be working on building core strength. Yoga, and sit ups, and planks - oh my! This sounds simple, but Buckshot thinks headbutting me while I'm holding a plank is hilarious (I swear he laughs!) and jumping across my belly while I crunch is an Olympic sport.

There is still a lot to process, a movie queue to fill, comics to stack on my nightstand... but nothing I can't handle.