3 : 40

1980 - We lost Hitchcock, The Empire struck back, Someone shot J.R., we put an actor in the White House, Mount St Helens blew her top, and Theodore Dietz was born. None of us were ever the same.


My little brother joined us in January of 1980. I was ecstatic about his arrival, he wasn't too keen on me.

Richie also joined us that year. A gift from my grandmother Hoestery upon the arrival of my brother and named after Richie Cunningham (I loved Happy Days), that bear got me through many a nervous night and melancholy day growing up.  Well loved and sporting some patchwork, he still get's the job done whenever his services are called upon.

I wish I could say that my first movie was The Empire Strikes Back, but Mary Poppins was the pick for 3 year old Katie.

Now for some parental recolections...

My Mother

Most of these early years were spent just growing, learning, going to Kraig Road Park in Fairport, picnic lunches at Lock 32 (Erie Canal), weekly story time at Brighton Library... 
For a special treat you loved leaf cookies from Malek's Bakery and for an extra special treat, hot dog dinner at Don & Bob's + free kiddie cone dessert!!

My Father

1980….vomit, vomit, vomit!!!!! T arrives.

I mentioned before that I was pretty excited about my brother's arrival, what I left out is that I was so excited I puked in bed that night. Worse, after cleaning me up and letting me get in bed with him to settle down I puked in my parent's bed and Dad was back to square one.

You had/have an active imagination, including an entire other family of Dietzes you were friends with.

The 80s - even Paul McCartney lost the plot a bit.