David Lean (Alec Guinness) Week

Without forethought my movie watching has taken a decided theme this week, the combined work of David Lean and Alec Guinness. 


One of my all time favorite movies. I can't remember the first time I watched it, but I must have been around age 10. Lawrence of Arabia is one of Dad's faves, so it was always in the rainy Saturday rotation and one of those movies that popcorn was popped for and no one spoke a word. It still inspires a certain level of awe in me. The cinematography and visual impact of such vast expanses of desert draw me in every time.


Another of Dad's top ten - I stared watching this one early in life too. Though very very loosely based on history (The History Channel did a great piece available here), this film has great human drama. Man conquering nature, man conquering man, a little Stockholm Syndrome and William Holden in a swim suit.


Mmm Forester, Guinness & Lean... actually I could do without the Guinness here. he sticks out like a cauliflowered ear. But the scenery, the subtly of Judy Davis' performance, the passion of Victor Banerjee's and the counterpoint of Peggy Ashcroft steal the show anyway.


Some other David Lean films that are equally intoxicating:

Great Expectations
Doctor Zhivago
The Bounty (Lean was the original director, but had to abandon the project before completion)