Support Your Local Team

There is no better way to spend a Friday evening than watching your local team. I live two blocks from a high school, and nothing beats walking towards those lights on Fridays. I have no personal connection with the school other than the fact that is practically in my backyard and my tax dollars pay for it, but I love walking over, grabbing a burger from the booster club for dinner and enjoying a game on Friday nights. It’s cheap, convenient, half the town is there so you can always find someone you know and there is just something about cheering the team to victory that makes the trials of the work week fade from memory.

Give it a try. Head over to the nearest high school this Friday night, grab dinner from the concession stand, and cheer like you are 15 again. It’s not about your team winning, because unlike college and pro ball there are no big scholarships/salaries here, it is about supporting them the best you can as they building their skill and love of the game.