Going Back

My 10 year high school reunion is a month away and I am starting to get a little anxious. Not in a cliché way…I am at peace with myself and who I was then and look forward to seeing my classmates again, but am not at all concerned with what any of them are or are not doing with their lives or how my life compares. No I am anxious about actually being in Rochester again. I haven’t been back in over seven years even though the majority of my family is there. You see I HAD to figure out who I am and come to terms with who I was away from all influence. I didn’t think I could become an individual while being exposed to childhood routines and expectations. Now I am at a place where I am eager to go back, but nervous about my reaction to being there. Seven years have gone by, places will have changed…someone else lives in the house I grew up in, there is a different priest at the church I attended, old neighbors have moved on to places physical and spiritual. Will my town even look the same?