5 : 40

1982 was a Thriller! Ozzy bit the head off a bat, Grease 2* was released, Blondie, Squeeze and ABBA broke up, and Katie Dietz discovered saddle shoes.

Starting kindergarten meant riding the bus for the first time and no more naps. I also got my first pair of saddle shoes that year, the foundation of what would be my signature style through 6th grade.

My 5th birthday is my earliest party memory. My mother hosted the most amazing kids' parties ever! That year it was a carnival, with all the typical games; ring toss, magnet fishing, big mouth, lucky duck. The genius of my mother's plan that year was that she hired older kids from the neighborhood to manage each game. Nothing keeps little people in line like trying to impress big kids.


1982 was also a big year for music that would form my future tastes. Madness led me to SKA  while The Jam via Paul Weller led me to Britpop. I don't go more than ten days without listening to each of these songs, they're like oxygen.

* more on Grease 2 when we get to 1995