Black Mirror: Series 1

Black Mirror: Complete Series 1
Starring Rupert Everett, Daniel Kaluuya, Toby Kebbell, Rory Kinnear, Jessica Brown Findlay

S1:E1 The National Anthem

Simon must have been an awful bully at school or seriously jilted an ex.
You don't read comments. You NEVER read the comments!
No way a cell phone pic of her tits was worth violating the Official Secrets Act.
FFS Branson!
Art my arse!

S1:E2 Fifteen Million Credits

ABBA! In your ear!
I'd rather be the custodian.
Nobody wants to live in the Sims.
Dude. Dude! When does a guy sacrificing everything ever end happily for him?
I know it shouldn't, but this performance makes me adore Rupert Everett even more.
You should've gone for the violinist...
How did this not become a murder/suicide?
You are dead already.

S1:E3 The Entire History of You

It can't be good if using it makes you look possessed.
She is trying way too hard - totally cheating.
Scotch abuse! You are wasting perfectly good booze on stale reruns. That is what God gave us Bud Light for.
The devil is in the details.