On The American Dream

Listening to election returns I got fired up by the discussion of “independent poll” results reporting that 40 some odd percent of Americans (with landline phones, don't get me started) no longer believe in the American Dream.


Fellow Americans: The dream is still right there waiting for you to achieve it!


The American Dream is not a birthright, it's an opportunity. Attaining it requires the same ingenuity and tenacity shown by the earliest of immigrants to this land.


If you want a better life than your parents you have to work harder and smarter than they did. The opportunities for education & advancement are abundant and ripe for the taking, but they will not fall in your lap. You have to stand up, reach out and stake your claim on them.

#SoCruise 2010

Social Fresh Cruise is back! This year we're sailing from New Orleans to Cozumel on December 2nd. As you can see, last year's event was amazing & I couldn't wait to sign up again. As it turns out nearly everyone who attended last year has signed up again. It really was THAT much fun!

Interested in going yourself this year? I have a limited number of invite codes remaining... just ask!

SXSW Panel Picker

One of the smartest people I know, Andy has pitched a great session again this year.

Defining "Arist Development" In Concrete Terms
Andy Adelewitz, Paradigm Talent Agency

Description: "Artist development" has long been one of the most popular catch phrases of the music business. It's understood in a broad sense to concern guiding the growth of a new artist, in both the creative and marketing senses. But what does this actually mean, in a nuts-and-bolts way? A panel from an array of disciplines will discuss what "artist development" means to them. Ideally, a manager, booking agent, record label and/or publishing exec (marketing/artist development/A&R), and someone from the creative side (artist or producer) will make up the panel, reflecting a broad array of components in building an artist's career.

Are You Hands On?

It seems there are a lot of us thinking about starting up small businesses. Maybe you already have?  Well, youʼre not the only one.

Kirtsy.com has teamed up with the cool, smart people at Microsoft Office Live to do 100 Hands On Small
sessions in October and November.  The free hands-on sessions will offer practical advice and instruction in using online and social media solutions to help small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Charlotte sessions will be held October 5, 14, 21, 28 and November 4 at different locations across the city, and facilitated by yours truly & Crystal Dempsey.

No Mumus in Mexico

With #SoCruise a mere 59 days away, it's time to get my butt in gear, cause there will be no mumus in Mexico!

Normally, I'm not too concerned with my appearance. At 32 I've accepted that I peaked physically at 19 and one's body can only be 19 once. My body does everything I ask of it, I'm quite comfortable in my skin. However, when planning a vacation with approx. 200 of the most connected people in social media, I can't help but think there is room for improvement. I mean, for every picture I avoid being in, another 3 will wind-up on Flickr, Facebook & Twitpic for all the world to see.

So here's what I'm starting with: just under 5'7", 150lbs & one iffy knee. At 1" taller and 5lbs. heavier than when I graduated high school (though the fat/muscle ratio is nothing like it was) I don't have any major weight-loss goals in mind. I just feel like I could be better, faster, stronger... (ooo! time for some Daft Punk!)

Since my fave personal trainer is pre-occupied with the business of creating life this fall and can inflict her usual torture (and by that I mean questioning my ability to operate a motor vehicle after a mere hours workout), I had to find an alternate method of kickstarting my regime. So this past Saturday I started Fitness Together's Boot Camp at the US National Whitewater Center. Eventhough my workout had to be modified because me knee decided to take the day off, trainers Jeff & Joe made sure I still got more than my money's worth (Only $15 a week). It's Monday and my quads, hams, glutes, pecs, triceps & biceps are still reminding me we had an awesome workout this weekend! Best of all is, this is the kind of workout you can do at home. No equipment, no spotting, just you.

These are my fave workouts. No planning, no prepping, no clean-up, and they can be broken down and used throughout the day. Like last night while watching the season finale of Defying Gravity, I spent the commercial breaks doing wall sits or planks. It's nothing major, but it keeps the blood pumping and, well, anything is better than just sitting there for an hour.

So, the plan is to build a better me. Not because I'm ashamed or embarrassed by what I am today. Or to look good in a bikini (my Victorian sensibilities would never allow such displays of self). I honestly doubt that I'll even put a swimsuit on. My place is with books not pool boys, and books can get heavy, so I need to buff up.

SXSW Panel - The Future of Music PR

My music guru has teamed up with a few other industry PR gurus and proposed a panel for SXSW. Unlike some others I've seen pitched that are clearly selling a view point and/or personal brand, they seem focussed on building a dialog and understanding around the shifting paradigms.

Definitely worth a read if not a vote! Below is the posting announcement from facebook.


Andy Adelewitz

Andy Adelewitz merged SXSW panel proposals with two other flacks, Wendy Brynford-Jones at Hello Wendy and Sarah Cunningham at The Chamber Group. Check out the new proposal and, if you're a SXSW kinda person, vote and/or comment! http://tinyurl.com/kqlxkk

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