just a puff
a whisper
the flick of a feather
across the neck

not much

and though the act
takes no more
effort than a blink

it lingers




add a touch
a word
and it sings
through the soul


all things reside in the perception
if you are dark within yourself
it is impossible to see the light around you
dark feeds on dark
light on light
it is easier to close an eye
than lift a heavy lid.

you are fading from me
my evil self
my balancing force
there is nothing holding me back
from the abyss now
i'm just standing on the brink
rocking back and forth
trying to decide
whether to jump
or fall

i tremble to want
i fear to resign myself
i burn to destroy
all that is
has been
not just wipe the slate
but shatter it to the ground
make it my footpath

the demon is growing inside me again
i can feel his venom in my veins
slowly taking me over
and i don't have the strength
to fight him off this time
i don't even care to
i only want to sleep

Wander through the dark
fumble for the lights
i wish i could find
my way back to me
i don't know when i lost the map
but sure as day
it is gone

i am mourning my callous self
the me that can handle it all
that has saved me from the abyss
so many times before
it no longer keeps me from harm
but bekons it near
invents it when none can be found
and so i have untethered her
and pushed her into the abyss